Art market is a holiday of creativity, communication, positive

The next art-bazaar was conducted in the shopping center "Bagtyyarlyk". The flow of visitors rose to the third floor of the center built in the style of the atrium in the second half of the day, where a lively trade of exclusives was circling. The main feature of the fair masters - everything that is put up for sale is handmade. You can only be surprised at the skillful hands of folk craftsmen considering the various products on the windows! 

The large number of goods and visitors is surprising. The atmosphere of friendliness and openness that prevails here is such that the dialogue is not built in the seller-buyer format, but the dialogue of like-minded people develops. In the general mass are mostly women. And where mothers, there, of course, and their children, insistently asking to buy a toy they liked. The audience is loyal to even two tomboy on scooters, which ride with obstacles provides a lot of fun. 

- Ma’am don’t you not have one more hedgehog!? - with hope the girl turns to the master who just sold a knitted toy. 

- Unfortunately not. All products are made in a single copy, - explains the seller. 

"Maybe you make me a similar hedgehog for the next bazaar," the girl did not stop, and I understand her, she would have liked to buy this cute girl herself. 

Knitted toys are in great demand at the art fair. These unusual exclusive dolls and little animals with long paws and ears, with beady eyes almost on the bridge of the nose, with an underlined character, bought here and donated to the child, can become a family heirloom. My girlfriend keeps a similar doll as a memory of her mother. Mom is gone, and the rag doll, so soft and warm, still retains Mom's love. So, an inexpensive toy can become priceless. 

Special shopping demand was used at the art market ladies handbags made in the national style. They are pleased to acquire and foreign guests, and local women of fashion. Some customers took two products at once: for themselves and as a gift. 

One of the women is looking for an original patchwork quilt, which, unfortunately, she did not buy at the previous art market. But this time the blanket does not come to her eyes, apparently, it has already found its buyer. The woman does not want to put up with this fact and, without losing hope, begins a repeated round of trading rows. 

The bijouterie is in a wide range. Near it as a rule, young people, meticulously considering wooden pendants on thin leather laces, tastefully executed in the style of handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as the trend of the season - earrings-tassels. Nearby - amulets such as tree-happiness, wood-well-being, figurines of clay and bronze, guaranteeing material stability and family well-being. 

The elite art products - paintings of professional artists are represented on the art market. It is inexpensive to get a good picture - the dream of many Ashgabat residents. Here this probability multiplies many times. And you can, having pushed the artist, replenish the personal collection with a portrait executed in a pencil technique.