The President of Turkmenistan visits New Year celebration

The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited New Year celebration at the main New Year tree of the country, having shared the joy with young participants of celebration event on the square in front of the Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre. 

Huge New Year tree with the height of 12-storey building was assembled from numerous live trees. They have brought exciting fragrance of forest fairy tales as the greetings from northern Santa Clause to his southern colleague Ayaz Baba. 

Numerous New Year decorations displaying the symbols of 2018 and 2019, bright compositions by the motifs of book of the President “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the great Silk Road”, characters of national fairy tales, cartoons and celebration attributes have spread around the New Year tree. Journey around this magic city starts from the parade arches with the ally of Christmas trees behind. 

Many people especially children including those who came from different parts of the country are there. Good school students, winners of the contests, sport competitions and art contests as well as fosters of the orphanages received the invitations to take part in New Year celebration at the Main New Year tree. 

Today, neatly dressed children met the main characters and invariable heroes of the celebration Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk with enthusiasm, after which everybody has welcomed numerous guests. 

Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arrived at the square in from of Cultural and Entertainment centre. All children met the President of the country with enthusiasm. 

Happy children greeted the President of Turkmenistan with poems dedicated to New Year. Congratulations and good wishes of children to the Head of Turkmenistan have sounded sincere and lofty. Children art bands and young singers performed at the square in front of the Älem Centre. 

The Head of the State warmly greeted all participants of New Year celebration and together with children went to the Main New Year tree. On behalf of all young Turkmenistan citizens, Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk congratulated President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on coming 2019, which would be held in the country under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity”. 

Celebration performance of young artists, singers, musicians and dancers has started thereafter. Children performed their numbers with enthusiasm and emotional immediacy, which charge with optimism and cheerfulness. Young celebrities of the stage included the students of Special Music Boarding School of Turkmen National Conservatory, capital Palace of Children and Youth, participants of famous dance ensembles, winners of national and international festivals. 

They have prepared special new programme for New Year celebration, having included the songs of modern Turkmen composers and poets, classical works and popular tunes, choreographic show and folk and ethnic stage plays. 

The Head of the State watched with pleasure and great interest the performance of children. After, the kids dressed in the costumes of the symbol of 2018, cute Vepaly the alabay, and mascot of 2019, funny little pig, invited everyone to the dance around the New Year tree. Having taking the hands of children, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in this traditional New Year ceremony, which embodies the solidarity and succession of the generations. 

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov shared joy and happiness of favourite holiday. After, the children received New Year gifts on behalf of the Head of the State. Photo of the President of the country and young Turkmenistan citizens has been made at the main New Year tree of the country by the request of the children. 

Having wished a happy New Year, great winter holidays, success in study and all cherished dreams to come true to the children, the Head of the State expressed the confidence that they would grow as deserving successors of the best national traditions, wise advices of the ancestors and true owner of the country and would make their input to further development of Turkmenistan. 

Having expressed the gratitude to all participants of the performance, the President of Turkmenistan went to the Trade and Industrial Chamber where celebration was continued by the New Year show. 

Upon arrival, the Head of the State was greeted by the members of the Government, which came with their children and grandchildren, the same as President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Heads of diplomatic missions of foreign states to Turkmenistan have also took part in the event with their children. 

Having greeted the kids, Turkmen leader congratulated them on coming New Year 2019, having wished that it would be joyful and happy. 

You are our future, the President of Turkmenistan continued addressing the children. We are happy of you and make everything for you have good education, great time and be healthy. We dedicate all the best to you, to our children. 

The Head of the State said that he believes that the children will grow as true patriots loyal to their country, nation, relatives and friends. 

Joyful songs and melodies have also been played at the performance in the Big Hall of the Trade and Industrial Chamber and the Head of the State took part in the event with the kids at the New Year tree decorated with garlands, toys, balloons and snowflakes. 

The children enjoyed performing next to shining New Year tree, having demonstrated their talents. They have read poems with the expression. Children of foreign diplomats has also read the poems in different languages. The meaning of slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” was reflected in number of music and dance numbers of young artists. 

New Year magicians Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk were inviting the children to show their talents and skills in artistic contest with jokes and puzzles where the kids sang songs, read poems and danced. Children ensembles and music bands have demonstrated their sparkling skills. The baton was taken by circus artists, who demonstrated funny numbers and stunts to the public. 

Music, song and dance performances have made colourful bouquet of celebration concert where young artists have shown their talents. Inspired tunes, folk melodies and modern arrangements of classical compositions made everybody applause in the rhythm of dance music. Carnival dresses have added bright festival touches to the palette of the celebration. 

Young dancers and singers have conquered the public with charm and talent, gave plenty of smiles and warm emotions, charged with celebration mood. Everyone were united by the belief in miracle, which we expect from the New Year night. 

Having again congratulated the participants on wonderful celebration and wished the fulfilment of all light, cherished dreams in new 2019, Turkmen leader has said: “Let your beautiful songs always sound pleasing us! Let them make our life beautiful! Be happy, have fun, study good and please us with your behaviour!” 

After, the President said warm goodbye to the children and left the place of event. 

Celebration events are on their pick and have come to finish line in order to spread around the country in New Year eve entering every house and family involving everyone to this bright and happy marathon giving happy smiles, pleasant surprises and excellent mood.